AUDITION for Professional Female Dancers
LeineRoebana Dance Company, Amsterdam, NL

Amsterdam based modern dance company LeineRoebana is currently inviting professional female dancers to audition. We are pleased to meet highly skilled female dancers with an interest in, and passion for, music and movement research.

The multi-layered work and working process of LeineRoebana requires a strong and virtuosic technical base and performative presence, the ability to navigate directness and complexity simultaneously, a collaborative spirit and quick wit.

Contract and salary are in accordance with current CAO regulations.

It is unfortunately not yet possible to gather with many people in our company studio, so an important part of the audition will take place digitally. Those auditioning are therefore kindly asked to submit the following material digitally via WeTransfer to

  1. A short biography/CV.
  2. A clear photo of your face.
  3. A brief Motivation Letter about what moves you and why you are interested in the work of LeineRoebana.
  4. A short video portrait telling something about yourself (not longer than 1.5 minutes).
  5. A full body, unedited video recording of you alone dancing something that you really like and feel good at. (not longer than 2 minutes).

After review of the applications, an assignment will follow to be filmed and submitted. The final step of the audition will be inviting a few dancers in the studio to meet and work together.

We are looking forward to receiving your information.

Deadline for submission of preliminary digital material: noon – Monday 12 April 2021 Physical audition dates in the LeineRoebana Studio in Amsterdam: 19 & 23 April 2021