For more then 25 years, LeineRoebana, the dance company of choreographers Andrea Leine and Harijono Roebana, has been at the forefront of the Dutch contemporary dance scene. The company is renowned for its exciting physical, brainteasing dance idiom and love for classical and contemporary music. Performances with live music for both large and middle-sized theatres, festivals as well as site-specific projects surprise both a new and informed audience with intriguing intertwinings of contemporary dance and a large variety of musical colors, forms and text. Performances that help to make the questions of our time transparent and tangible.

LeineRoebana performs both nationally and internationally, collaborates with composers, writers, designers, dancers, singers, musicians and coproduces with companies and partners of a high artistic quality, both from The Netherlands and abroad.

LeineRoebana has been awarded multiple times both nationally and internationally.

LeineRoebana wants to involve a broadly differentiated audience in her passion for dance and music by giving special introductions, lectures, workshops and masterclasses for professionals and projects with non-professional dancers. LeineRoebana also develops working methods, based on her extensive experience in the interaction between dance and live performed music, in creating multi-disciplinary performances and the education and training of professional dancers, musicians and amateurs.


LeineRoebana has a long touring history in renowned theatres and festivals in Europe, the US, Canada, Russia, Africa and Indonesia and Singapore.

Apart from this, the company has a special relationship with Asia. LeineRoebana has made two large-scale international coproductions in which Dutch and Indonesian dancers and singers, an Indonesian composer and a gamelan ensemble collaborate: Ghost Track and LIGHT. Both productions have toured in Asia. Notably, GhostTrack has extensively toured throughout Europe for six years. For the production Snow in June the company worked with Chinese-American composer Tan Dun.

International touring season 2022-2023

The following productions are available for touring in season 2022-2023:

The Greenhouse Dances

International collaborations

LeineRoebana is interested in international collaborations both with composers, writers, designers, dancers, singers, musicians as well as international coproductions with international companies, theatres and festivals. LeineRoebana is interested in giving workshops and masterclasses internationally.

For more information

To receive more information on the company and our possibilities to tour or collaborate, please contact: zakelijk@leineroebana.com